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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Sunset

Today was an extremely cold day!  It was 10 degrees below when the day started.  We went to church this morning and returned home for a couple hours.  Later in the afternoon we went bowling with around 50 people from church.  On our way home, around 5:30 p.m. I snapped some beautfiul sunset pictures on the gravel road that we drive home on.  I just wanted to record this and am thinking of printing this one in a poster or on a canvas.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My One Little Word - REDUCE

If you are a scrapbooker, then you might have heard of Ali Edwards.  Every year she picks one word to be the focus of her year.  She even leads an online class to make a little journal about it etc.  While I am sure that this helps her and others to focus on their word and what they are trying to do in the lives, I simply don't have the time or the money to take a class so I can refocus my life in that one little area (especially since it isn't even a spiritual focus).

At any rate, in the interest of trying to set some goals for myself (after all, it is January, the time of resolutions), I decided to pick a word and try to apply it to various areas of my life.  Hoping, that with focusing on this one word, I will accomplish some (and hopefully several or many) of my goals for the year.

My "One Little Word" is REDUCE.  In a culture that tells us, more, more, more, I am hoping to work on less in terms of material things.  I have done a ton of decluttering:  lots of papers filed, lots of papers recycled,  I took 3 old desktop computers to a friend to see if they can be used or possibly used for parts/components.  Between Christmas and New Year's we cleaned some more out of my grandparents' house.  While we did bring home a few mementos or kitchen items that we could use,  we took a ton of stuff to Goodwill.

I continue to work on reducing.  My kids are going through clothes to see what they have outgrown and can pass on to others.  My husband and I plan to follow suit. Once the taxes are done, we will be continue to declutter the paper that inevitably accumulates on our desks.

There are many more places where a person can reduce.  Reduce the amount of gas you use, by combining errands and trips when possible.  Reduce outside commitments and spend more time with your family.  Reduce the amount of plastic you use.  Quit using plastic shopping bags and use a cloth bag instead.  Use cloth napkins instead of paper.  Same with paper plates and cups.

Reduce the amount of money you spend on things that are not necessities.  Reduce your debt.  Reduce your grocery bill.  Eat out less.  Repair items instead of replacing them.

So what would you like to be your one little word?  I would love to hear.