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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Found the Acura Commercial - Re: Grassfed

I wanted to see the commercial that I happened to catch on TV last night, that referred to a grassfed steak. A google search turned up this link to a blog called Mel's Diner:


The Youtube video is embedded in it.

It is good to see grassfed getting some well deserved respect in the mainstream media. Grassfed meat is healthier, safer and a more sustainable model for meat production. For additional information, including studies and sources to purchase grassfed beef or other grassfed meats and products, go to www.eatwild.com

Way to go, Acura marketing team!!!!!

Traditional Foods Website

After posting the crockpot recipe blog, I realized that I haven't posted the other interesting site that I found. The author posts her menu plans, along with recipes and how to's on cooking techniques including: soaking grains, making kombucha, making yogurt, etc.

So if you try to follow, or want to follow the principles in the Nourishing Traditions, you might want to give this website a look:


Some of her posts are tutorials with pictures taking techniques step by step.

Enjoy and please share some of the sites that you have found helpful in cooking using traditional techniques and recipes.

Crockpot Recipes

Through a series of links (that I can't even remember how I followed, so I can't just tell you), I came across this blog:


The premise of her blog is a challenge to herself to use her crockpot(s) each and every day of the year. She has tons of recipes and I can't wait to try and use some of them. It is for all recipe categories, not just casseroles or other meat dishes.

Check it out and save yourself some time in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grassfed in a Car Commercial

I was sitting here on my livingroom floor surfing the net, reading blogs etc., when I hear a car commercial come on. I didn't catch it all but it was talking about having a choice grassfed steak and going to a concert. I will have to catch it again to see exactly what was said.

I was surprised to hear it in a commercial that wasn't selling or promoting grassfed. The commercial was from Acura.

It looks like grassfed beef is becoming more well known and is mainstream enough that marketing gurus realize that is the "in thing" (something that I have known for a while now, since we raise and market it). Just like organics, grassfeds' time has come (or returned, if you look back through the last 100 years or so)!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well It's Finally in My Hands!!!

Yes, that is right folks. The wait is finally over.....my laptop has arrived, plagued by hurricane related shipping delays. It took me all of five minutes in the store to get it picked up, with the company having transferred my data to the new one last evening.

I have been downloading some of the free programs I was previously using for antivirus, personalizing my google homepage with all those neat addons so mapquest, Fox News, Google Earth and others are at my fingertips.

I already uploaded a bunch of digital pics to Walmart to get printed and tomorrow will install printer drivers so I can begin printing off lapbook pages for our Apologia Zoology 2 book. Can't wait to try it out for DVDs etc.

If you have been following my blog this summer, its been digital camera, printer, laptop and now cell phone issues (yes,that too!!!). Can't wait till that one is resolved.

Will begin posting some of the hundreds of photos I have taken this summer as soon as I can locate them.

Changes in Behavior with Changes in School Lunches


An article on an experiment that I had heard of previously, but this article provides additional updated information on the experiment.

Good reading.