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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Found the Acura Commercial - Re: Grassfed

I wanted to see the commercial that I happened to catch on TV last night, that referred to a grassfed steak. A google search turned up this link to a blog called Mel's Diner:


The Youtube video is embedded in it.

It is good to see grassfed getting some well deserved respect in the mainstream media. Grassfed meat is healthier, safer and a more sustainable model for meat production. For additional information, including studies and sources to purchase grassfed beef or other grassfed meats and products, go to www.eatwild.com

Way to go, Acura marketing team!!!!!

1 comment:

Ulla said...

I agree! It is really cool that it is becoming "trendy," us farm folk have been hip to for a long while though:)