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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Traditional Foods Website

After posting the crockpot recipe blog, I realized that I haven't posted the other interesting site that I found. The author posts her menu plans, along with recipes and how to's on cooking techniques including: soaking grains, making kombucha, making yogurt, etc.

So if you try to follow, or want to follow the principles in the Nourishing Traditions, you might want to give this website a look:


Some of her posts are tutorials with pictures taking techniques step by step.

Enjoy and please share some of the sites that you have found helpful in cooking using traditional techniques and recipes.


Polly said...

Thanks for the link Kristi.

Suddenly it seems like many blogging mom are younger than me. What's happening?

Polly said...

Forgot to add that one of my favorite sites is called organictube ( try googling it) because my guy Gene Logsdon is a contributor.