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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who Can Resist This Face?????

Evidently not my husband....

He and my oldest daughter saw the pup on a Wednesday afternoon while moving bales home, but figured it was one of the neighbor's dogs. The next morning my husband drove by there to check our cattle and it had started to rain overnight. Cold, 45 degrees, continuous soaking rain....
and the pup was exactly where it had been the day before.

Hubby brought it home and we moved one of the border collies from the kennel to the garage and put her in there. Then we proceeded to call all the neighbors to see if their dog was missing. No luck there. Most likely she was dropped off in the country because someone could no longer take care of her or afford to keep her. She wasn't injured or sick but extremely hungry.

On Friday I thought hubby was going to take it to the Humane Society as he was going to the city where it is located and he called me to see if I had found anyone that could take it. When I told him no, he said I can't take her. I assumed he meant that the Humane Society was full and taking no more animals. He didn't respond.....

I asked, "You fell for her, didn't you?" YEP!! Couldn't do it.

She has turned out to be quite a nice dog and now that she is not starving, she has a really nice personality and even takes herself for a "walk" by picking up the end of her leash and carries it around in her mouth.

She appears to be a 9-12 month old pup of beagle cross possibly. Need to do some online searching to figure that out. Right now, DH still hasn't given her a name, so until such time that he does pick a name for her, she will be referred to as "dog to be named later" or DTBNL.

Any name suggestions are appreciated and I will pass them along to hubby (if I like them....LOL!)

Edited to add: I think she might be a Jackabee (cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle). If anyone can help us figure out her breed, that would be great!


Mossback Meadow said...

Haha! This is how we've acquired most of our dogs.
She looks a lot like our Gyp, except Gyp has longer ears. I"ve always thought that Gyp is a beagle/jack russell mix too. Her pic is on my blog sidebar.

elephantschild said...

He's got some American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit bull in him, I'd guess, based on that wide jawline and square looking shoulders. But his front nose looks longish for an Am-Staff.

Old neighbors of ours had an American Staffordshire. When they're not owned by drug lords & mistreated and are brought up in a good home, you can't ask for a better sweeter doggie.

You've found a treasure, I think!

-Jenny from Loopers.

Wendi said...

Cute! I Think Jaqui B. would be a good name... although I've always liked the name a friend in college gave her dog.. pronounced Dee - o - gee, I always thought it was spelled Diogee, but when you asked her it was spelled D-O-G. LOL!!!