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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Did Our Summer Go?

As I have been walking in the evenings this summer with my next door neighbor, we have been lamenting the fact that life seems so busy, that we can't even get to the things we'd like to do.  Just trying to stay caught up with the things we need to do/have to do seems to take up most of our time.  Guess it might be time to look at my priorities again and also to see if I have allowed too many things to creep onto my plate.

I am reminded of this when I am asked to do one more thing.  Sometimes I say yes, as it does not add significantly to my workload, requires a minimum of additional time or effort on my part and doesn't take away from responsibilities and vocation as a wife and mother.  Sometimes, I have to ask a lot more questions to find out how this will affect me if I do say yes.  You can't always tell right away.  Usually you need to get more information, or if you are lucky, you are told up front when asked.

This week I was asked to run for a position.  The person who asked me graciously explained it all up front (which is a blessing).  I told her I would talk it over with my husband and she asked that I get back to her later that evening.  Of course we got busy when we returned home and I realized it very late (too late to call her).  Thankfully I emailed her then and followed up with a  phone call the next morning.  As I wrote out why I regretfully couldn't do it, I started writing out what I all have on my plate.  The list was long and very full.  No wonder I don't have time to get to the things I would like to do.  Actually, I do make time for the one thing that I really love to do and that is scrapbook.  Probably because I prioritize some time (usually monthly) and put it on the calendar, I do manage to accomplish this.

Guess I should take a cue from that and do the same with other things that I would really like to do.
Even with simple one time things, like painting a room and reorganizing it, if I put it on my calendar, I will likely be able to make it work.  So today, I plan to clear out part of my office and get a wall painted so that I can begin rearranging the furniture in there and paint the other walls.  The whole day is before me and part of Monday as well.  Much of the delay is not wanting to deal with the stuff that accumulates and just needs to be dealt with.  The other is wasting time on the computer, internet, etc and justifying that time to myself.

I get reminders sent to me on an email list about productivity.  Their motto is:

Off, Go, Do!

Get off the computer, Go out and Do those things that need doing.

Otherwise you are just wasting time that you could be productive.

And with that, I am posting this, getting OFF the computer, and Going Out to Do my office today!!


scrap4fun said...

Hi hope to see you on sketchesforyou again..you joined in there a time ago.
i am clearing the boards now..

Fia and team.

unspkblejoy said...

Great post Kristi!

MyrtleHernandez said...

i love to go out in summer months..

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