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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missing In Action

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much in the last month. Especially after the posting spree in January when I was participating in a scrapbook layout challenge.

February was very busy for us with some travelling when my husband spoke in Wisconsin, plus having a booth at a conference and homeschooling. Also I switched from the 8 year old desktop to my new-to-me (used) laptop. Took the computers in to get things transferred over and I got them back this week. So I got all my old photos transferred to the laptop, but need to install my camera software on the laptop so I can download the most recent ones.

While I was away from blogging for these last 6 weeks, my hubby was able to get the wireless network set up for our house, so now I am able to work on my laptop anywhere (WOOHOO!). Especially nice when we are doing schoolwork the basement and I need too moderate messages for the homeschool loop.

While my laptop was in the shop last weekend, the kids played Webkinz on dad's MacBook Pro. Now I am hearing "Daddy's computer is so much faster than yours!". That's alright. I am happy to have a laptop and it is light years faster than the 8 year old desktop. Hoping to locate the camera software this afternoon (haven't installed it since 6 years ago) and get back to using photos in my blog posts.

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