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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Over the past several months, we have slowly added to our herd of horses. My youngest daughter purchased her Palomino mare last September. Her name is Lightning, a registered Quarter Horse mare and she'll be going to the trainer to get broken this coming Monday.

Next came, Sam, a sorrel gelding, with 4 white stockings, for my husband. He is also a registered Quarter Horse.

Next we added Malibu (an unregistered Apaloosa) for me.

Then came Honey, a registered Quarter horse, who is a sorrel mare with 2 white stockings for my son.

And last but not least we added Paisley, a registered Quarter Horse mare who is black with a white star on her forehead for my oldest daughter.

Horses are really cheap right now due to high feed costs and the pinch of higher fuel costs has caused many people to rethink having a horse around that isn't earning it's keep. We have lots of grass on our farm (no grain crops), so that isn't as much of an issue for us. My husband put it in perspective like this: We bought 5 horses for less than the price of a new 4 wheeler.

With our grazing operation a 4 wheeler is invaluable around here, with moving cattle every day. However, only one person(or with a rider) can use the 4 wheeler. We'll be able to use all the horses and everyone will be on horseback to get the job done, instead of 4 of the 5 of us on foot. Sometimes on foot isn't fast enough..... Granted we only have 400 acres and not thousands of acres on this place, where horses would be an absolute necessity.

Hope you enjoy meeting the newest members of our place. Look for pictures of our new round pen next week. We hope to have it finished this weekend.

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Wendi said...

Hey! Glad to see pictures of them all! I agree that being afoot is not always fast enough! I was out of breath and outrun by a bovine just yesterday. My horse was in the pasture!