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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Cool New Feature on Blogger

Perhaps you have already seen this, but in case you haven't, I thought I would share. There is now the capability for you to schedule posts.

Sheduling Blog Posts

I tend to do lots of blog posts in a short time and then don't do any for quite a while, so this will be very helpful to me in providing some consistency to my blogging. People get tired of checking your blog after about a week and some don't come back.

The other idea I had was to make a rough schedule of categories to blog on during the week: ie.
homeschooling, scrapbooking, ranching, kids projects, fun finds, etc. Perhaps I will work on that idea once the kids go to bed tonight.

Hope you find this helpful (well, if you use blogger and not typepad, wordpress, etc.)


m&m Youth Vibes said...

Nice Blog.... I'm new to it and find yours very interesting..... nice job. How do I get this "post a comment" section on my blog? I don't think I saw it.... I'm sure I missed it somewhere. But great blog.

m&m Youth Vibes said...

Nice blog..... very very interesting, bright and well put together. I'm now starting out on the Blogging scene for my Youth group. How do I get the "leave a comment" section on my blog??

But just had to tell you that your blog is nice :-) have a Blessed day.

Kristi said...

Under Settings Tab (next to Posting Tab) there is a Comments tab and you select ow you want to do comments (public or hidden), moderated, etc.

Either go to dashboard or go to posting once you are logged in.