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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scraproom is Moving Forward

Thursday afternoon and evening (in and around Maundy Thursday services), we emptied our two large bookcases in the office and moved them to our schoolroom in the basement. No small task as they are each 4 feet by 7 feet with 6 shelves in them. Right now, I have books piled in the office and the livingroom to sort through. I plan to donate a lot of them and sell a few.

The rest will return to the bookshelves in the basement, but not before I type up a list on the computer. I can't remember all that we have and have actually bought duplicates because of it. It will be nice to have the list with me when looking for books for school, particularly on my iPod to make it portable. Once the books are sorted, I plan to paint the wall they are on, move some desks around and finish the rest. Also, I have a new set of shelves to put up for my scrapbook supplies.

Moving these 2 large bookcases, were the key to getting the rest of the furniture moved, repurposed, the rooms painted, and finishing organizing our schoolroom. We had planned to move them over Christmas and then were socked with a huge snowstorm (2 feet of snow). Because of the size of the bookshelves, we couldn't take them down our stairs and make the turn, so we had to wait for the snow to finally melt. It only took from Christmas to Easter!!! Better late than never!

Thanks to my husband for all the help. I couldn't do it without him!! I will post pictures when I get it all done.

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