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Sunday, April 4, 2010

They Grow Up SOOOOOO Fast!!

My friend Gina posted about how her little boy is growing up so fast. Last week, he couldn't reach the faucet to wash his hands and this week he can!! I have been realizing that myself a lot lately. Things that the kids hadn't done before, they are learning to do. Looking at the ages, I am quickly reminded that they will soon be adults, striving out into the world. Life passes by so quickly and we get caught up in the daily busyness. We need to stop and remember that even though there are the things that we need to do, we don't want our kids to grow up right before our eyes and miss it, because we were too busy!!!

Share what you do to make sure the busyness doesn't rob you of the precious time you have with your children.

We try to establish traditions, both at holidays and other times throughout the year. Some revolve around the foods we eat, the decorations we use, the places we go and others may be just a one-time thing, but they all add to our collective memories, that are specific to our family. One of the many reasons that I take lots of pictures and scrapbook is to make sure these things are not forgotten. Like today, when Grandma taught both of the girls to drive the tractor.


Melody said...

I try to remind myself daily that it's not about me. As a young mom, I was so focused on what I missed; silly things like clothes and trips, sensible ones like sleep. Now I really try hard to filter each experience through the thought, "What is my action going to cause?" If I tell my kids, "Go do something fun and let me clean this," how is that going to play out in the future as opposed to, "Let's clean this together and then go do something fun." This also means that sometimes I have to look ignorant in order to help them teach themselves by teaching me some skill.

It's not easy being a parent, is it?

Kristi said...

Kind of ironic, that I just saw a similar type topic that the Old Schoolhouse Magazine posted on Facebook. I created the blog post after reading Gina's post. Think they are reading my blog???? NAH! I don't think so...