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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is It Just Me or What?

I love new technology as much as the next guy, but I hate having to fight with new items. In the last two weeks, we upgraded our digital camera from a Kodak DX3900 to a Kodak Easy Share Z1012 IS Since I got a laptop, I have been unable to get the laptop to talk to the printer (a Lexmark Z35 that I purchased at Target on clearance for $38.00 3-4 years ago.

Last night my hubby and I went out for our anniversary to Olive Garden and had some time before the movie, so we went next door to the Best Buy store to look at a printer that would both talk to my laptop and his Macbook (and work with our wireless network). We looked at a couple models from HP, Epson and one from Kodak. We decided to purchase the Kodak Easy Share 5500 All In One printer , that will print, copy, scan, fax and print photos. The price was right, the ink cartridges are the most reasonable I have seen, which made me excited to get it set up today.

I followed the set-up instructions exactly and keep getting a paper jam error, however there was no paper jamming the machine. I followed trouble-shooting in the set-up manual. I followed the online guided troubleshooting. Nothing!!! ARGH!!! On a whim, I called Kodak, thinking that on a Saturday night they wouldn't be there! However, they were! We were that much closer to resolution (tried all that she suggested to) and now am waiting for a new printhead to be delivered. I pray that solves the problem.

This is in addition to ordering my Kodak camera online from Kodak. Receiving promptly, I was excited about using it. I took about 100 pictures over the next week or so. The battery was going after shooting a bunch of video, so I grabbed the camera dock that I ordered with it (the one that was recommended when I purchased the camera). Instructions stated to remove the non rechargeable battery and replace it with the rechargeable that was in the camera dock box. Except ((!!!!)) that it wouldn't fit in the camera. Call tech support! That battery was packaged with that dock before this camera was made and is not compatible with the new camera. So, I had to buy a new battery. Charger works, camera works! Yeah, just my wallet is lighter.

At least with the printer, they are sending the replacement part and I don't have to buy it..I pray it solves the problem. I have always been happy with Kodak, so I hope they don't fail me now. Will keep you posted......... I'm beginning to think that it is a conspiracy against me (but I suppose that comes to mind since we are watching National Treasure right now :) )

For the record, when I was looking for the links to these, I was surprised at the listed prices. We got these items on sale at significantly less than they are listed. $50 less on the camera and $80 less on the printer (maybe that is my problem............hope not!)

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Michelle said...

My hubby and I were planning to go to Olive Garden, but after we made 3 trips into town in one week, we decided not to make a 4th! That's one of my favorites!

Hope the technology works out! If you don't like computers - it could be you! :) (just kidding) That is what I always tell my husband! I will sit down at the computer and it will do everything that I need. He sits down and something goes wrong....