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Monday, February 9, 2009

A Rainy Monday

Whenever we have a rainy day, it is so hard to get out of bed. Seems like a much better day to just crawl back under the covers, don't you think?

Well today was one of those days. And a Monday to top it all off. Thankfully we got up and worked on school, then make lunch for DH and FIL (and us). Rib steaks, baked potatoes, peas and ciabatta rolls.....Mmmm

We dropped of MIL's box of items at Goodwill and then went to voice lessons. While the kids were at lessons, I made copies of the letter that will accompany our (long overdue) holiday photo. Notice, I didn't say which holiday??? Anyway the photo is a collage print of the highlights of 2008 for us, so this is a bit of an index to help people sort out the tiny photos.

DH is planning to go listen to Elwynn Taylor (Climatologist) tomorrow in a nearby town and will take a kid or two with him. I am taking my son for an eye appointment to get some new glasses. He has grown so much, that they don't fit the bridge of his nose, his temples or the length from the lenses to the back of his ears. So it is definitely time for some new ones. Grandma is going with us. We are also picking up groceries and the wheat that we ordered. It will be a long day.

Our vehicle is in the shop to get the fuel pump replaced, as it keeps dying if you have to give it more gas. Not good when DH, MIL and kids took it to Chicago this weekend. Thankfully they made it safely home and it is going to be fixed soon.

Busy, busy week ahead.................

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