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Monday, April 30, 2007

Gluten Free Recipes Blog

It seems as though I am meeting more and more people who have gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. Either that, or it is just being talked about more than it used to be. We try to buy as much organic food as we can, so much of our food (that we don't raise ourselves), comes from our buying club or natural food stores. There are significantly more gluten free products than when we changed our diet about 7 years ago.

I was surfing some blogs tonight and came across this one that has lots of great looking recipes that aren't too out there, with ingredients that I couldn't find.


The two bloggers are sister-in-laws and evidently both the brother and sister have Celiac disease, so the two are posting recipes that they use. Even though it may not be a need for you, perhaps you know someone who could benefit. And if nothing else, the recipes look scrumptious to me. I think we'll be trying some of these out soon.

Bon Appetit!


Charity said...

I read a interesting fact on this in the Nourighing Traditions book. By eating whole wheat foods that have not been soaked to begin the "digestive process" can lead to Gluten intolorance or cilliacs (sp). It makes me wonder how much of this might be caused by people eatting whole wheat foods for the store or babies being given these type of foods to earily.

liz said...

yay! thanks for the link to kill.the.gluten and so glad you found our blog.

We are so excited to share REAL recipes that are not complicated and products that are actually yummy. We had a hard time finding good sources, too, so thought we would just become one ourselves.

Feel free to send us along any recipes you love and we can try them out and post them for others...


Favorite Apron said...

well duh! i was still looking at your old homeschoolblogger blog that was never updated. Glad I found this one!

So I don't want you to think I was never checking your blog Kristi!