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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Case of the Missing Movie - Found!

Well my plan for the week was to purge the house and in the process find the movie.....My daughter was looking in the entertainment center for a movie and lo and behold, the CARS movie, missing since February turned up..

It seems that it got turned backwards so the spine was black instead of the movie name showing on the spine and it was at the end of the row of DVDs so we couldn't see it. I guess that we would have eventually found it this week, after pulling out all of the movies. I still need to purge the house, one room at a time, but I think tonight we'll pop some popcorn and watch CARS again!

I'm sure there is something else that I don't even know is lost will turn up. Wish me luck. The house needs to be pared down. I just wish I had the motivation to get going. Once I get something done, that will help me keep going. Last time I did this, we had taken 2 weeks off of school at Christmas, but we extended it another week because I was getting so much accomplished, I didn't want to stop.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad the lost was found. . .