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Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Glenda tagged me, so I will jump in...haven't been tagged before, so here goes, the seven things I have learned:

1. Bringing home two 8 week old puppies and you aren't prepared for them, takes a lot of paper towels (especially in a blizzard, when they can't be outside)!

2. Papers and junk mail multiply like rabbits if you don't deal with them immediately.

3. There is always room for chocolate.

4. It's perfectly normal to keep a secret stash of chocolate! Just ask most of my friends!

5. Sometimes God brings you a new friend and you feel like you have known her forever and better than your own sisters.

6. Raising kids is a hard job. Pass the chocolate!

7. The older I get, the faster time moves.

Gotta tag somebody! How about Polly, Lora, and Barb? Ready to hear more about you!


Mumme Mom said...

I agree completely with #7. That is how my college roommate and I knew we were getting old. LOL

Cheryl said...

Your number 1 reminds me of another thing I should have put on my list: don't get a new puppy when you're 8 months pregnant! And especially don't get a beagle!

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