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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Summer School

Anyone planning some summer school?

We will be doing a few things. Some are things that we didn't get finished up with this school year, some that we didn't get to and some that we would have liked to add in but didn't have time.

Since switching math curriculums at the beginning of last year from Saxon to Math U See, I feel the need to move a little further forward before this fall comes around. I backed up a little to make sure the kids understood how this curriculum was taught before heading into the higher levels. Two of the kids will be working to be close to starting the next level this fall. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, as long as we continue to work on it a little this summer.

We want to finish up Story of the World 2 this summer, so we can jump into Story of the World 3 this fall. I am excited to start SOTW 3 with all the explorers and frontiersmen/women. We live in an area where we can visit (literally) tons of Lewis and Clark sites and Laura Ingalls Wilder sites. We have already amassed quite a collection of Lewis and Clark books and related information as well as supplemental materials for the Little House books. We plan to loosely follow the Prairie Primer, which I recently purchased. One of my daughters is going to begin sewing this summer, so she plans to make frontier dresses, etc for she and her sister.

We plan to finish up the school year this coming Friday (May 25), and then take a break for 2 weeks. My husband and I will attend our state's two day homeschool conference and the kids will spend the weekend with their grandparents in Nebraska (a treat for them, as well as us - a weekend away alone). We always enjoy meeting other homeschooling parents and listening to inspiring speakers. We always come away renewed and ready to begin another year of homeschooling.

Our summer school session looks to be long on fun and short on formal lessons. I need a break of sorts during the summer to be ready to start into the school year. We may try to start school a little earlier and work in some week long breaks a few times. Last year, we started a week later than I had planned due to my grandmother's funeral and then worked straight through to Christmas. The plan was a 2 week Christmas break, but it turned into 3 weeks, as I went about decluttering the house (necessary after a December birthday, Christmas and 2 January birthdays in the span of 5 weeks). I hope to declutter again on our two week break. It seems to help me get things in balance (at least mentally).