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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coaching Change at Nebraska

I wondered when this would come. When Steve Pederson (sp?) took over as Athletic Director at Nebraska and then railroaded out long-time assistant, turned head football coach Frank Solich, I knew something was amiss. Things in Nebraska football, which is almost like a religion in Nebraska (where I grew up), have been spiralling downward as of late. Massive blowouts by teams that were unexpected, materialized.

Steve Pederson was fired earlier this year and former coach Tom Osborne was appointed Interim Athletic Director. According to his press conference this morning, he met with the coaching staff mid-season and laid out benchmarks with them. The coaches knew finishing the season where things stood.

Gotta run, but wanted to give a link to this ESPN article on the subject.

I think there are those in Nebraska and those who follow Cornhusker football, who are probably happy with the outcome (my sisters and BILs included)

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