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Monday, November 12, 2007

Online Wish List

I just found a link to a neat idea. The website is a free online wish list. You can add items to it throughout the year. Think of the applications. You can make note of that item that your mom mentioned she would like. The next time you are giving her a gift, you have already got an idea that you know she'll love. Perhaps your teenage daughter mentioned a CD she would like, but she hadn't bought it yet, or you didn't buy it for her.

My children's birthdays are all within 5 weeks, with Christmas smack dab in the middle of them. So basically I collect ideas all year long and then need them within a month's time. It would be nice to have those ideas available so I could shop throughout the year. It would help the pocketbook too!

The website is www.baggle.com

1 comment:

AmberCat said...

I like the idea of an online wish list too.

I have been using YouCouldGetMe.com

It simply lets you copy the url's from any web site. I even adds the pictures for you automatically.

What I really like is that there is no software to download.