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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ice Cream Factory Tour (sort of)

Wells Dairy Tour
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This summer we had an opportunity to take a field trip to the Wells Blue Bunny factory (well kind of). Due to OSHA regulations we didn't get to go the actual factory, but they have a visitor center where they set up a working model of what goes on in the factory, as well as historical items, etc. related the company, which is still family owned since 1913. When I find the statistics about the amount of milk they use and how much ice cream they produce, I will add it to this.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at putting a slideshow into my blog. If you have any questions about it, I plan to write a post about it later (not tonight, it's already late enough!!!), but I would happy to answer any questions. (Best of all, it is completely free, you just have to put up with a few ads.)


Kristi said...

It seems that I am having some difficulty in showing the remaining 12 slides of the slideshow. I contacted customer service and will try and get it fixed in the next couple of day. Please bear with me. At least the music will play.

If you do get the slideshow to play, showing all pictures, please let me know, so I can determine where I have a setting off, or something. Thanks for your patience.

W said...

I got the slideshow to play. I think the barn picture was the only one that didn't come up. Unless there is one more after that. I didn't count them.

Kristi said...

The barn picture is the last one. I am waiting for a response back from customer service. I am not sure why it won't play for me. Perhaps I need to reboot the computer and maybe it will reset something. Thanks for letting me know.

Tena said...

We went to Blue Bunny a couple of years ago. I was a little disappointed as it only seemed to deal with their ice cream (because I absolutely adore their chocolate milk), but still we had a good time. Even the films were quite entertaining.