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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rainbow Pictures

Someone sent me over to see the beautiful rainbow pictures at the Pioneer Woman website.
http://thepioneerwoman.com/2007/10/after_the_rain.html I planned to send this one last night, but it got too late. Here it is.

You can just faintly see the second rainbow to the left of the main one. If you go to the peak of the barn, it begins there. Hope you like it. My hubby took this picture earlier this summer. I thought I had included this tidbit, but it got deleted. That should clarify this next comment. I am not the Pioneer Woman, and neither is my husband.


Polly said...

You are JUST AS MUCH a pioneer woman as she is, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I love rainbows.. They are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came over from Ree's site and don't cut yourself short.

I honestly like yours better. It's down to earth and what I can relate to in farming and ranching. Nothing against Ree but it is a whole lot easier to take a great shot with a $4500. camera.

Kristi said...

Thanks for the compliments. The credit does have to go to my hubby though. He took the picture on our now 5 year old Kodak DX3900 with clear tape holding the battery cover closed. But hey, it works!

Glenda said...

Very Nice Picture!

I love to scrapbook too, although I haven't done any since our move here 5 years ago. I should probably start sometime huh?

Kristi said...


Hope you can get back to scrapbooking. It is so relaxing to me and I love being creative. Now that my two daughters are scrapbooking, we make a point to do it periodically. We try to scrapbook with my 3 sisters and the girls love that. I bet your girls would too!

It can get expensive, but the Dollar Stores have quite a bit of nice stuff and those things make good gifts for the kids too!