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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Newest Member of the Family

Got your attention, didn't I?

I've got tons of things that I want to blog about, but don't always find or make the time. Anyway, my youngest daughter bought her first horse (with a little help from Dad and Mom) this fall. She is intensely interested in horses and seems to have a natural ability. Here is the proud owner leading it off the stock trailer.

She is a 1 year old Palomino filly. She is a registered Quarter Horse, with a registered name of Gild Decanter. The previous owners named her Blondie, but she has now been named Lightning (might have something to do with our affection for the movie CARS).
Dad and daughter have been working with her whenever they can and next summer she will return to the trainers we bought her from to have her broke. Hopefully, daughter will learn the ropes and be able to produce foals to sell.


Polly said...

Oh lovely! She's at that horse crazy age. I always wanted a palamino - settled for a buckskin instead - still pretty.
Have fun!
Are the collies still in the house or are they barn dogs now?

Glenda said...

Beautiful pictures of the horses. My girls would love them. We'll have to visit someday.

Kristi said...

No the collies went to the garage after about 2 weeks and then outside after that. We just called on a kennel someone is getting rid of last night (with a roof). It is big enough to split for them, so hopefully that will be available. We were the second callers.