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Friday, January 11, 2008

Mary Pride Speaks Out


The link above, is to an article put out by Mary Pride of Practical Homeschooling which details a number of things about various presidential candidates and their views/supposed views on homeschooling. It references a number of things that I have read elsewhere in various publications, newsletters, blogs etc. Please read. It discusses the homeschooling movement being linked to Huckabees success and do we want to be yoked with that if he makes decisions we don't want to be tied to. Thought provoking in the least.

Would love to hear your comments.


Polly said...

I am generally a news junkie, but have been trying my best to ignore the whole election thing until it gets a little closer and I had the chance to see some of the debates.

Linking with the NEA is never a good thing.

Susan said...

Mrs Pride can see the dangers with Huckabee. And yet she tells us that Ron Paul is committeed to govt favors for homeschoolers and "helping" them. Now, how often is government "help" reeeally help and how often is it actually the camel's nose in the tent? Although Mrs Pride's favorite candidate is Paul, she provides ample evidence in this anti-Huckabee article to cross Paul off my list entirely.

Sara Shalom said...

Hi! I was troubled by that article, as we have been very active supporters of Mike's campaign in numerous ways. I've e-mailed Aspen as well as Huckabee headquarters to bring it to their attention and ask what their response is. Thanks for sharing! We need to know all the facts. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Mary Pride's article provided no 'facts', or at least conveniently left out the links by which they could be verified. "Well, Mary Pride said that the Arkansas Times said . . . " blah blah blah Shame on her for writing that tabloid-esque article! It's irresponsible for someone with such influence to be so casual with it. You can read my blog on this at www.myspace.com/christinecarkingiles

Anonymous said...

Mary Pride offers no authentication for her supposed 'facts'. Her article is irresponsible and unprofessional. Homeschoolers are generally thoughtful and intelligent. I hope they'll see this article for what it is - a tabloid-esque attempt to discredit one candidate in favor of another, and all over one issue - homeschooling. Homeschoolers are also many other things and we understand that there are many important issues to take into consideration. Don't be quick to jump on anyone's bandwagon. There are no links in the article, directing you to sources where her information can be found. She just says it and expects homeschoolers to believe it, I guess. Well, we're too smart for that and we can tell an informational article from a smear campaign any day of the week.

Kristi said...

Christine, it has been pointed out to me since I posted the link to this article that many of the statements made in it were not factual. I did not have time to check the facts before posting the link.

Your point is a good one, that we should not blindly believe that when someone well known publishes something, that it is factually correct. I had made the assumption that Ms. Pride would be publishing something factual. I was mistaken.

I posted the link to the article for the very same reason. Many homeschoolers (I believe) blindly supported Mike Huckabee because Michael Farris of HSLDA endorsed his as a presidential candidate. I posted the link to the article that people might read it and realize that he took may have had shortcomings.

I was in error for posting something that was not factually correct and I apologize for that. Also in my haste of posting the link, perhaps my words were not well chosen. Needless to say, I will be more careful in the future.