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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Things

Two Things
Two names you go by: Kristi and Mommy

Two things you are wearing right now: Jeans and my wedding ring

Two of your favorite things to do: Scrapbook and eat chocolate

Two things you want very badly: New carpet (actually wood flooring) and a cleaning lady!

Two favorite pets you have had/have: A Malamute Alaskan Husky named Thika and an Australian Shepard named Sheila

Two people you think will fill this out: Dawn and Polly

Two things you ate today: A panini from Whole Foods and green M&Ms

Two people you last talked to today: Tom and Daniel

Two things you're doing tomorrow: Teaching Midweek classes at church and laundry

Two longest car rides: Holstein, IA to Cave Creek, AZ and Holstein, IA to Jackson, MS

Two favorite holidays: Christmas and 4th of July

Two favorite beverages: Alcoholic: Chocolate Martini Non-alcoholic: Pepsi

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