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Monday, July 7, 2008

I Had Forgotten....

How muggy it could feel! The last couple of days have been nearly unbearable with humidity. Thankfully we had a cold front move through and it is supposed to cool down for most of the rest of the week. DH is off to Nebraska for 4 days of Holistic Management Training (leaving this evening), so I helped him get packed and out the door.

Will be moving the cattle, though sweet DH set all the fence for me, so it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to get it all done. Then we have the brooding turkeys and chicks to take care of.

The summer is flying by, so with nothing much else on the calendar but the chores for the rest of the week, I am hoping to get at some things I wanted to do this summer (before it is over).

1. Cleaning up and reorganizing the school area in the unfinished basement
2. Prep work for painting DS's bedroom and the main living areas of the main floor
3. Work on some scrap booking
4. General decluttering. I got started and haven't made it through everything I have wanted to.

May not get to all of that this week, but at least there is a goal, right? Now that my air is fixed, I am hoping to work hard at these amongst chores and mowing/yard work.

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