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Friday, July 11, 2008

Warm Weather Update

I am happy to report that although today is supposed to be the warmest one yet this summer, we have been blessed with southerly winds that are helping. It doesn't seem as muggy with with warm (not hot) winds. The cattle are now in a paddock with shade which helps. The fans are keeping the chicks and turkeys cool till we can get them to their more permanent home this weekend (hopefully).

I have been checking on everything every couple of hours and eveyone seems to be content and doing well. The kids are staying cool by playing in the pool this afternoon (2nd time today). I love to hear them squeal and giggle playing in the water. I need to do a little more house cleaning. I'm very thankful for air conditioning today, especially since 9 days ago it wasn't working.

Stay cool! I am looking forward to the cool front that is moving in this evening. The weather for the weekend looks much more comfortable.

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