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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nutritional Merits of Organic Food

While I have believed what this article is saying for many years, it is nice to see that journalists are starting to see the research and other articles that bear out the merits of eating organic food, for the sake of improved nutrition.

Of course, there are always those who say that eating organically is too expensive. My answer to that, is you can pay it now or having higher health care costs. Our medical expenses are virtually nill since we went to a traditional (still working on moving farther on that continuum) and organic diet. We do routine chiropractic care and other natural things, like homeopathy, but as far as going to see a doctor, that is a pretty rare occurence.

Enjoy reading: Organic Foods Really Are Better


Glenda said...

Yes, but sometimes the "sticker shock" is hard to overcome.

Kristi said...

I agree with that too Glenda! So sometimes we choose to forego the organic in favor of saving money or sometimes we choose not to eat a particular food because we can't eat it organic.

Always balance between the two ends of the continuum. I am always happy when I see organic prices coming down to closer to conventional pricing. It means our dollars for organic foods can go further.