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Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets


Hubby and I did something we've never done before: went to a movie on opening night. We secured a babysitter yesterday (about 24 hours before we needed her) and went out to eat at Luciano's (italian) Restaurant. This is the same restaurant where hubby and my family and his folks surprised me for my 40th birthday back in April.

The food was wonderful. Hubby had Lasagna and I had Amaretto Chicken Penne with Almonds. It was exquisite: penne pasta, mushrooms, toasted almonds and grilled chicken in an Amaretto cream sauce. I brought home the leftovers and will enjoy them tomorrow. We also had Roasted Stuffed Mushrooms with an herb cheese stuffing.

The movie was full of action, no blood (shown) and lots of snippets of humor. I was happy to see that they kept all the same actors as the first movie, other than the villain (and he wasn't quite as bad a villain as they had in the first). I would highly recommend it. The clues in this one weren't quite as good as the first I thought, but still fun and suspenseful.

Will be taking the kids soon. Hopefully it will come to our smalltown theater soon, as I spent $17.50 for our two tickets. I don't want to do the math to take the three kids, hubby and self. Ouch. I am thankful for the $4.00 admission at our theatre and cheap night on Tuesday.


Glenda said...

Oh we all want to see this movie. I don't know that we'll splurge and take all the kids to the theater though, as we have a couple more than you! I'm glad you liked it, I hoped it would be a good sequel.

Kristi said...

How could I forget to post about dessert????? We shared a piece of Chocolate Kahlua Cake with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream. It had chocolate chunks and was divine!