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Monday, December 10, 2007

Something I Hadn't Thought Of

I just saw an ad on TV for www.familysecure.com

While I haven't yet checked out the site, it has never occured to me that there is identity theft going on affecting our children. If you think about it, kids are a perfect target. It will be years before they realize that someone has ruined their credit and the theives will have long moved on to someone else.

The commercial had various examples: He doesn't even have his license yet, but he just defaulted on a $10,000 car loan; He's not in school yet, but he has creditors calling him; She has a .331 batting average and $23,000 in credit card debt (9 year old girl).

Evidently, the company monitors your entire families credit and if something comes up on your children, they alert you. If you suffer a loss, they have a $2,000,000 (policy -? I don't remember what they called it.

I am guessing this is on the rise, because with the internet connected to nearly every computer anymore, our kids social security numbers are in hospital databases, school databases, etc and are easier for the theives to find.

Another thing to keep track of.... all this technology is giving me a headache.

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