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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scrapbooking Goals for 2008

I ran across this thread on a scrapbook forum and decided that if I wanted to get lots done this next year, that I should write down my goals and put them where I can see them. I realize this is an ambitious list, but I have various categories of goals within the list: one time things, ongoing things, decorating ideas. Some of them are various subgoals that need to be completed to complete larger goals. I will be printing these out as well and posting them in a prominent place. Disclaimer: these aren't in any type of order, just my random thoughts at the keyboard when we got home at 11:00 p.m. last night (plus a few I added this morning).

  1. Complete 1 page per day (so annual goal of 365 pages completed)
  2. Set aside part of each day/each week to work on scrapbooking/projects
  3. Print pictures monthly
  4. Print kids own pictures monthly
  5. Pull out cards and memorabilia to finish baby books and finally complete them
  6. Journal weekly, even if on laptop to be printed
  7. Get backlog of digital pictures printed
  8. Buy flash drive to back up photos
  9. Store back up CDs offsite
  10. Pull out college photos, memorabilia and sort chronologically
  11. Power layout DH's college album (now that I finally bought the album)
  12. Complete several altering projects
  13. Post layouts on blog
  14. Post altered items on blog
  15. Migrate email folder with craft ideas to laptop
  16. Install Memory Manager on laptop
  17. Buy new laptop battery
  18. Paint office to turn into scrapbook studio
  19. Repurpose entertainment center for scrapbook storage
  20. Rearrange/repurpose office furniture
  21. Hang framed photos
  22. Move small bookshelves to girls' bedrooms
  23. Purge large bookshelves so they can hold all books
  24. Finish various vacation albums in process
  25. Work on albums from 1990-1994 when we met
  26. Finish kids albums that are in progress (2000-2006)
  27. Work on family albums from 1999-present
  28. Go to Okoboji Overnight retreat in February
  29. Possibly attend St. Ansgar retreat in April
  30. Host Scrapapalooza here (or nearby)
  31. Do more things with photos/papers - photo cubs, tags, etc. from blog posts I have saved
  32. Buy proofs and negative from wedding photographer
  33. Complete wedding album at a retreat
  34. Take a couple scrapbook classes (locally and online)
  35. Teach a scrapbook class
  36. Read a couple scrapbooking books
  37. Get supplies out of totes and into furniture for storage
  38. Work on and complete house building album
  39. Add to house album as it get redecorated
  40. Get more of DH's photo from when he was growing up
  41. Scrapbook DH growing up
  42. Make album with Christmas photos and cards we receive.

There it is! And it is BIG! But I need a plan if I am going to make it happen!

My challenge to you is to do the same for what you want to do!

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Kim said...

That is an incredible list. I finally made myself start printing pictures a few months ago but only because I realized I didn't have any pictures from the past 2 years! I look forward to reading about your scrapbooking accomplishments over the next year.